Saturday, 26 August 2017

Day 407

I've done all the man jobs today.

I've been to the DIY shop. I bought a drill. And paint. And screwdrivers.

I've taken the doors off my shed and changed the hinges and hung them back up. No they are not straight and they do not glide smoothly closed. But I don't care, I did it all by myself.

I've taken down an ugly 10ft curtain pole. I filled the holes. I used goo and a scrapey thing I bought. I stood on a ladder to do it.

I also stood on the ladder to change the worlds most expensive light bulbs. Seriously when did light bulbs get so expensive? £5 for one bulb? And that was one of the cheap ones!

I also ordered my first takeaway and it was very nice and well deserved after a day of man work. I even had a bottle of lager and felt tipsy like an idiot.

Painting is on the cards for tomorrow. Painting means moving furniture and boxes and locking clingy dogs out of the room so is bound to be stressful and tiring. Maybe I'll put it off until Monday.

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