Friday, 18 August 2017

Day 399

Much better night last night. I slept through until 6 with both dogs downstairs. Result.

I'm starting to like my house again. I've bleached the bathroom, changed the shower head, unclogged the plug holes 😷 and bought myself a new bath mat. Not very exciting but I enjoyed buying it.

I took a few items out of my suitcase but got bored hanging them up as its so hot upstairs with all the windows shut. But I made a start at least.

Tomorrow I want to take the dogs for a walk locally as there is an estuary and creek very close by. I need to investigate how to get there so hopefully its not raining or too hot.

I've decided how I want to arrange my living room furniture but there are so many heavy boxes that need moving first that I can't face it just yet. I'm still toying with the idea of having some hardwood flooring laid so don't want to make any effort if it will all have to be taken out anyway. In the meantime I've used a carpet wash/freshener thing that you sprinkle on, brush in and hoover off. I don't think appearance wise the carpet is any better but psychologically it's an improvement.

Only 2 days left until I have to go back to work. This week has gone so quickly. I left the dogs home alone for 2 hours today and they were quiet when I got back which was a relief. I don't know why I'm worrying so much. Next doors puppy has been crying since 6am and this evening mum stood at the front door and just shouted her sons name..LOUDLY. The estate is huge, he could have been anywhere. She did it about 3 times, no consideration for the neighbours. Thats obviously the way things are done around here. Unbelievably I don't mind. Everybody is noisy. It feels like a really old fashioned kind of community, maybe because it's ex council, maybe just because I've not lived anywhere like this before and have always been so uptight and up my own arse.

The dogs are still being great but also still being clingy. Little Alfie the old boy is breaking my heart. He's really confused about where the water bowl is and if I move, he moves. I hope he is able to get to grips with the change and won't spend the rest of his life wondering where he is.

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