Monday, 4 September 2017

Day 416

Tonight's the night.....

The night I unbox my drill and venture into new uncomfortable DIY territory. The hanging of the blinds!

I opened the drill, plugged it in then wondered what the hell to do. I've always just taken for granted that you drill a hole, stick the plastic plug in and off you go..screws away. But no..apparently you have to pick a drill bit. And a plastic plug. They must be the right size for the screw you want to use. Suddenly this is not so interesting and I'm bored before I start.

Some googling and head scratching later and I've decided which things to use. Next hurdle, put the drill bit in the drill. I mean for fucks sake..scientists have grown a human ear on the back of a mouse, a bloody mouse! Why can't attaching a drill bit to a drill be a little more obvious? After resorting to the awful manual I managed to do it, result!

Of course the blind fitting instructions make next to no sense, the only bit I understand is that 2 people are required to carry out the installation. Well I won't be beaten by this!

Off I go...

I cannot believe the sheer terror I felt using a hammer drill for the first time. I shit myself, figuratively speaking. It was so scary and so loud. But you know what, I did it. My measuring left alot to be desired and I only had to whack and bend one bracket to get the blind to fit. But it did.  And then the second one did.

Only to my horror its a totally different colour. Completely bare wood compared to the other which is a shade darker.
What the actual fuck. My achievement satisfaction went straight out the window. One of the blinds also has dodgy wonky slats and the pelmet bits fell off.

I was so annoyed, hot, sweaty and dusty after 2 hours messing around to be left with something only marginally better than the the net curtains.

I had my dinner, watched an hour of TV then remembered I'd bought 3 blinds, one for a spare room. It must match one of the blinds, I can't be unlucky enough to have bought 3 with different shades, surely?

Thankfully it did match the darker colour wonky slat one so a quick swap and it's sorted. I just need to buy some glue to stick the pelmets on and its done.

Now too tired to care.

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