Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Day 343

Things are starting to move.

I had confirmation of my mortgage offer this morning. I got away with not having to show my bank statements. Result!

I also received the contract of sale for signature. Hopefully it will be the last thing I'll have to ask him to sign. He's "not around" so I've had to email it him to sign and post back to me. He says he'll be collecting his things the weekend after next. Then that will be it. I've been wanting it for so long but actually the idea that he now comes to collect his shit and then we go our separate ways forever is bringing tears to my eyes.

I will need to be here to make sure he takes what he's meant to but I don't want to do the whole goodbye thing. I will hide indoors and just let him go. Why is it making me upset?

I loved him very much. And I thought he did me. It was a whirlwind beginning that turned into a normal boring relationship bickering about money and putting the bins out, but it was enough. For me anyway.

I still haven't cut ties with his sister. I don't know why I'm hesitating. We've not been in contact for months. I need to just do it.

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