Monday, 12 June 2017

Day 335

I woke up to chaos this morning. The house looks even more of a state with stuff everywhere today.

It was irritating me so I text the cock-sucker to ask when hes collecting his stuff and suggested this weekend might be a good time. Arghgh it makes me so angry just thinking about him. One month tomorrow and its a year to the day that he told me he'd been having an affair with a married woman. A grandmother. One whole fucking year that I've had to live surrounded by his belongings and he has the nerve to text me back to say he can't come this weekend but he'll let me know when he's coming. Has he got no shame? Stupid question, of course not. I'm really trying not to get too wound up by it but I really want to smash the shit out of all his crap.  Followed by smashing the shit out if his stupid face.

Deep breath, not long to go now

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