Saturday, 10 June 2017

Day 333

After all the moaning a couple of days ago, my homebuyers survey arrived by email today.

There might be an issue, it's non standard construction which the bloody estate agents might have mentioned. I'm hoping my mortgage company don't decline the loan. It would be just my luck!

Tomorrow my parents are coming over. My stepdad is going to help me bring everything down from the loft so I can have sort out. I'm dreading it. I've no idea what state Gavin left the loft in. He went up there last August rummaging for some jewellery of his dead dad's. Anyone who's been with me since then will remember he pretty much accused me of stealing it. Tosser. Anyhow, as I can't venture past the first rung to look, it could be in total disarray. I'm hoping it won't be too hard to do. Once I've got it all down and sorted I can tell him to collect his stuff once and for all.

I've been binge watching TV. A new series of a programme we watched religiously is out. We used to do a stupid dance to the opening music, which I was reminded of as soon as it started. I didn't care, I did the dance for my dogs and felt just fine about it. They just ignored me and didn't join in.

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