Sunday, 18 June 2017

Day 341

What a glorious day. It's been blue skies and high temperatures all day.

And I've hated it.

I woke up too hot with a back ache and a migraine. It was too hot for the dogs. Too hot for the horses. I spent the afternoon stuck, literally, to my leather sofa with the curtains shut. I managed a siesta for a couple of hours until the dogs woke me. This did not improve my back ache which is killing. Pain killers aren't touching it and my headache is coming back.

And I've had to text the arsehole to remind him to send something to the solicitors tomorrow. God I can't wait to be shot of him. The immature twat.  It's fathers day today. I hope he feels miserable that his dad isn't around. His sister has put a fathers day post on FB and there have been some comments and I know one is from him as I can't see it because I blocked him.

I need to message her to explain I can't be FB friends with her anymore. I want her to block me so I cannot snoop. I just haven't got round to doing it yet. She won't mind, probably won't care, but it feels a big deal for me. One less connection, erasing myself from their lives when it should feel I'm erasing them from mine.

I still haven't sorted out the loft or packed anything. I hope my back ache goes soon.

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