Thursday, 8 June 2017

Day 331

Bloody Solicitors.

They emailed me a load of paperwork to fill in a few weeks ago. I filled it in, got the tosser to sign it, scanned it and emailed all back with a matter of days. That was 15 days ago. Today I get an email telling me they're waiting to receive it all., apparently they need the original copies posting. This is fine, makes perfect sense, but why couldn't they tell me 2 weeks ago. So I'm now behind. Its infuriating.

I instructed and paid for a surveyor on Monday. Today, Thursday, I get a letter in the post telling me I have to sign a form before they can do my survey. Why couldnt they email it to me on Monday, I could have posted it back to them for Tuesday. I feel like I'm the only reaponsible and reliable person in this arrangement yet it's me that's forking out!

And I've had to forge the arseholes signature today on another legal document. I text him to ask if he was around to sign it or if I should just do it. He was obviously so relieved not to have to put himself out that6text back in seconds telling me to sign it. I hope to god a handwriting expect doesn't open the post at the solicitors office!

Election day today. Thank god. I'm sick if it all and hope in a couple of days there will be no more talk of it. I went on my way back from the stables this morning so was first in at 7am.

I got home after to FB memories showing pictures of him from couple years ago. It irritated me initially but actually I don't really care anymore.

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