Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Day 369

Stress, getting myself wound up.

Solicitors messing around, my buyers have put forward a completion date but I can't do it as I can't take the time off work. I was so annoyed. My colleague is moving house next week amd instead if taking the week off then hes taking the day to move and then a weeks holiday a few weeks later. Knowing full well that I'll be waiting for a move date myself.

I spent the whole day in a strop fighting back tears. Yes, I've said I can't do that date and have given 10 days later as the earliest I can do but it's the principal of it. When I bought the house another selfish idiot did exactly the same thing to me. But I was staying with my parents which meant I bought the house but it had to sit empty while the silly bitch swanned off on holiday. I've not really been friends with her since then, and now my closest friend at work has done it. I should have put money on the fact that it would happen.

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