Friday, 27 October 2017

Day 468

So last night's attempt at a good night's sleep was a fail. My idea to take the dogs up to bed with me to protect me from the bad dreams was risky when one of them is elderly and incontinent. And he didn't disappoint me.

2 wee's later and I had another knackering night with the added benefit of having to wash all my bed sheets. Which l've  done but of course haven't put back on and now it's time for bed. Why does that always happen? It's so annoying.

Tonight the dogs can stay downstairs and I'll sleep with the light on if I'm scared.

Today a former long term boyfriend, fiance in fact, commented on a Facebook photo I shared of Alfie dog. We got him and his brother when we were together. He creeps out every now and again.  I havent seen him for about 12 years. We were together for almost 10. It ended abruptly. Suddenly. And yet now I'd  be quite interested in having a proper conversation with him, meeting even. To catch up and find out how his life is. But I could never imagine doing that with Gavin. In 12 years time I will still hate him and I will never forgive him. Bastard.

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