Monday, 6 November 2017

Day 478

I rang a load of garages this morning trying to find one that had a spare courtesy car but there were none. How bloody inconvenient.

I had to phone my boss and rant down the phone at him about how badly damaged my car engine is, that Google says its the crankshaft and pistons and something called blow by, all terminal issues that meant I couldn't go to work.

When the breakdown man turned up to tow me to my chosen courtesy car free garage he had a look under the bonnet, found the oil cap that had blown off and proceeded to inform me that the problem with my car was that it has no oil in it because the oil cap I was sold recently was the wrong one and didn't fit, hence it came off and all the oil came out. How much of a moron did I feel? I was so embarrassed, especially as I'd also ranted at him when he'd arrived about crankshaft and pressure blowing the cap off.

But he was understanding and extraordinarily kind as he said he would go to the scrap yard between jobs and find me the correct part. And he did. He came back this afternoon and refused to take any money. Sadly I took the car out round the block and although it's definitely better it's still not right. Normal service resumes tomorrow so I'll just have to keep everything crossed.

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